Hello Warwick Ward Relief Society!!

April 18, 2008 at 11:05 am (WELCOME)

Hello Sisters of Warwick Ward!

This is Tina Holder here, filling you in on all that is happening, going to happen, and planned to happen for Enrichment in our ward. Log in regularly to see a calendar of events, quotes from our leaders, blog posts from me that will include photographs of ‘stuff we’ve done’.

Speaking of which we held our first Cooking with Welfare night on Wednesday night 16th April and it was a great success…forgot the photos, but we had a great meal despite Sister Ryan’s misgivings! (hahaha)

I will post the recipes seperately and please feel free to add photo’s or send them to me to add. Comment by all means, send me ideas and lets get this whole ‘blog’ thing happening!

Looking forward to hearing from you all soon




  1. Stacey Baker said,

    What a great idea Tina- this is a great way for women in Primary and YW’s to keep up with what’s going on and feel a bit “involved” in something – you feel a bit isolated when you’re out of RS!! You’re a champion!

  2. Rebekah Coombs said,

    Hi Tina

    Well you are a clever lady, can cook and use a computor. I am at this very moment eating my first batch of rice and bean burritos. I have decided after two mouthfulls that not all mushroom condensed soup’s are created equal. Continental is best. Looking forward to our next cooking evening.

  3. Tenina said,

    Thanks Sisters! How fun is this going to be? Glad to get comments already…keep ’em coming!

  4. Carol Cameron said,

    Great idea Tina, excellent site, Carol

  5. Margaret Watt said,

    What a great idea, thanks for sharing with us what is going on in the ward – when you have a Stake calling you miss some of the announcements etc.

  6. Vanessa Harris said,

    What a brillant idea! I’m making the Rice and Bean Burritos tonight for the weekly family get together(thanks for the tip about the soup Rebekah)Well done Tina and thanks for all your great efforts in Enrichment.

  7. Sarah Snow said,

    Wow! Tina you really are amazing. What a great way for all the warwick ward sisters to be involved in enrichment. I love the link to all your recipes..I might have to try a few of those!! Sarah x

  8. Renae Lekias said,

    Thanks Tina, this is great. I am going to try that recipe as I didn’t get to the cooking night it is a little hard at the moment with the baby but hopefully you do more. This will help me keep up to date as I’m not always in Relief Society what with feeding and trying to get the other one to stay in nursery, so thanks.

  9. Tenina said,

    Really glad to help there Renae…without leaving my kitchen! hahaha. I will keep posting recipes as long as you guys all promise to visit my recipe site as well!

  10. Philip Baker said,

    Strike a light Tina!

    how can we dinosaur High Priests compete with this? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Well done , a fantastic use of technology that will bless the lives of all the sisters in Warwick ward and beyond !

    We love you, always have, always will! PHIL & TRISH

  11. Trish Baker said,

    What a terrific idea !! Can you hop on board for Stake Enrichment as
    well ??

    Maybe you could share this at Leadership – that way I won’t have
    to come up with any new ideas !!

    You are too talented. Can we have an enrichment on blogging ??


  12. Tenina said,

    Thanks Bakers! As usual, my ego is stroked!! hahaha

  13. Megan Grinceri said,

    Tina, the blog looks great…you have done a fantiastic job.

    I agree with Stacey’s comment about the sisters in Primary and YW, what a great way for us to keep in the RS loop.

    You’re a star!!!

    Megan xoxo

  14. Tenina said,

    Thanks guys…just keep commenting and it will all be worth it!

  15. Stacey Baker said,

    Great to hear we are doing a “how to blog” enrichment – maybe I can learn how to set one up for Primary?? It’s great to have an extra forum to share ideas, keep in touch etc. Thanks Tina..

  16. Tenina said,

    Stay posted…blogging class definitely coming up in May. You will need a laptop with a wireless modem in it to do it on the spot…or copious note taking to help you sort it out when you get home!

  17. Danielle said,

    Hi Tina

    Great Blog!! I am jealous. Mine is pathetic in comparasin. You should teach the class. Megs and I are clueless compared to you.

    Anyway….just followed a link from your site that went to ‘Thrive Foods’…..from the shelving page. Do you know if they ship to Australia?

    I am depserate to get some Freeze Dried food….but can’t find a company that will ship here.

    Let me know what you know.

    Great site!!

    Danielle xoxo

  18. Denise Dunlop said,

    Tina, this blog is getting better and better!!
    Thankyou for the Shelf Reliance link. There is a distributor in Sydney who has shelving from Self Reliance and prices include delivery I believe. Their website is http://www.shelfreliance.com.au but it is only for shelving and from what I can tell.

    Keep up the great work. It is exciting wondering what is going to be on the Warwick Enrichment site next.

    Can’t wait for the next cooking night.

    Love Denise

  19. Rocci said,

    What a woman!!! Dan put me onto this blog to see what you are doing with it. Great idea to start up for Young Womsn and Young Men programs….maybe minus the recipes (don’t think they’ll go for that!) But I will keep looking on yours. Got lots of time on long service leave to set on up in Dianella.

    Keep on blogging!

    Rocci ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. danportbail said,

    Hi Tina

    If anyone wants to see some Blogs used for Journaling …go to this site:


    There you can follow links to heaps of blogs and see what different sisters’ use them for.

    Also….a good site to get free digital scrapbooking supplies:


    Go to the ‘free dowloads’ section. It’s very cool.

    I spend far too much time surfing the net….but I find cool stuff.

    Have fun

    Danielle :o)

  21. Tenina said,

    Thanks Danielle…found myself on a couple of great blogs from your link…so addictive.

  22. Renae Lekias said,

    I am really excited about those can storage things as we just bought a whole lot of cans were trying to figure out how to rotate them without having to pull them out every time. Very excited! Oh dear how sad am I to get so excited over that.

  23. Stacey Baker said,

    The pasta night looked great! Well done Megsy and Tina… (You’re all very photogenic – glad I wasn’t able to make it as my photo phobia would have well and truly kicked in! ha ha)

  24. Trish Baker said,

    Hi everyone,

    If you’re interested I gave Marie a site for freeze dried mince which is also made into meals. I’m sure with the addition of extra vegetables and even pasta for the sachets that are suitable, you could have a really nutritious meal.
    It comes from Qld and is delivered very quickly. As Marie said on Sunday if we bought in bulk we might get it cheaper! Saves on shelf space!!
    (strange name)
    Love you, Trish ( P.S. why is my text smaller than yours and spaced differently?) xx

  25. Trish Baker said,

    Woops, it isn’t – sorry. Just looked like that at
    my end. Tina, can we have more lessons – privately!!

  26. debbie97 said,

    Hi, it’s been great to read all your comments and see the photos (Tina’s photo on the main page is the best, what photo shop program do you use?)… the things we do when we are stuck at an airport with a 3 hour flight delay!!!

    Now that I know how to access this I will be sure to come back on when I get home ๐Ÿ™‚

    Debbie Richard

  27. TEEN said,

    Thanks for the link Trish. I put it up under the Welfare Links. And yes, no probs with private lessons…just let me know time and place.
    PS How was the pie??

  28. Danielle said,

    Thanks for the ‘mince-link’ Trish. Do you know any other freeze-dried food companies that will ship to Australia?

    I am definitely interested in ordering the mince. Happy to do a bulk order.

    Anyone else?

    Danielle :o)

  29. Kent Sollenberger said,

    Dear Sister Holder,
    I was googling for some old friends, Phil and Trish Baker. Phil Baptized me on his mission in Fullerton, California. We kept up for awhile and Phil and Trish visited me on a trip to the US. I have been trying to locate them and ran across the comments from Phil and Trish on your Warwick ward relief society site. I am hoping that this is the same Phil and Trish. I will be surprised if it is not. I live in Houston, Texas and would love to here from them. If someone is able to pass this message on to them, it would be wonderful. My email is kts.kent@gmail.com. My address 4139 Levonshire, Houston, Texas 77025 U.S.A.
    Thanks to whoever is able to help.
    Sincerely, Kent Sollenberger

    • warwickenrichment1 said,

      Sorry this took so long Kent and BRo and Sis Baker, how wonderful!!

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