April 18, 2008 at 2:41 pm (IDEAS)

OK, so this is it…your chance to tell me all about what it is you want out of Enrichment. (Be gentle with me!)

Click on the comments link and start writing. I will take it all on board and will see how we go.



  1. Stacey Baker said,

    I would love to learn how to blog properly – we have some really good bloggers in our ward (you know who you are!) – it would be great for them to share their expertise. Its a great way to journal (at least so i’ve heard…)

  2. Denise Dunlop said,

    This is great Tina, I feel I’m part of the 21st century.
    Thanks for the recipes. I’ll give them to Carly!!!!

  3. Vanessa Harris said,

    Tina, I’ve always fancied learning to do Tai Chi(apparently its great for us “oldies”) also I would love to learn how to operate a Ham Radio. I’m not a craft person. People have gone inactive trying to teach me craft!

  4. Tina said,

    There’s an Idea Vanessa…I used to do that far far away and in another galaxy. I will make some enquiries. Very…Zen and the Art of Enrichment perhaps?

  5. Carol Cameron said,

    Maybe this doesn’t apply but I liked the Cansolidator range and would like to know how to make my own basic tilted shelving or at least get put in touch with someone who can do it for me.
    How do I get my little sign in the right hand corner?

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