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Grocery Bag
Well sisters, in my zeal after so much good publicity, I thought I should add a few more entries to this blog! (I now have to live up to expectations…so hard! But thanks for all the good feedback!) Anyway, I thought I would try and write a few articles about what affects us all, and first cab off the rank is grocery prices. Did you know you can go on-line to an interactive catalogue for the Woolworth’s store closest to you?
IGA have one too.

Please rest assured I have no shares in either of these companies, (unfortunately!) but for those of you who like to shop the specials for storage purposes, these links are a great way to check out what’s on sale, where, without the use of any fuel! (Except coal fired power generators, but we won’t go there!!)

Of course we have all heard the same old adages, usually from our mothers, about not shopping when hungry, and don’t forget that to have kids with you at the checkout is wallet suicide…(leave them home with grandma), buy the specials, have an actual list and don’t deviate from it and last but not least, check out

before you make any big purchases! (Often they have grocery articles as well as all the big ticket electronic heads up!)
And remember, before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes.
That way, when you criticize them, you’re a mile away and you have their shoes.



  1. Pam said,


    You are an absolute crack up, you just make me smile 🙂 thanks for putting some sunshine in my morning!!
    As you can see my computer is up and running again so hopefully you will get some more hits as more people get your new “address”.

    Love ya

  2. Carol Cameron said,

    Hi, I don’t know if anyone is aware of the very cheap shop next door to Kakulas Sister in Nollamara Avenue, Nollamara. Can’t think of the name but they have Eucalyptus and Butterscotch lollies at 3 packs for $2 for the lot. The lollies are all individually wrapped and taste okay to me (I now have a years supply – who said you can’t be perfect!!!!) They also have wet ones – 160 wipes for $2.50 and a host of other items – usually out of their used by date however some items are simply in old packaging etc. etc.
    On a less sweet note – the camping store at Amelia Street and Wanneroo Road, Nollamara has toilet seats set on a stand to which you can add plastic bags – definitely the last resort for your year’s supply essentials. I paid about $20 for mine but it’s not road tested yet.
    Lastly, I bought a hurricane lamp and a bottle of kerosene at the cheap store at Northlands Shopping Centre for under $10 if anyone’s thinking ‘light’ for storage.

  3. Carol Cameron said,

    I want to know how you do that Tina – get the messages with the subject already listed? I’m impressed – pity I don’t have a laptop to join the bloggers.

  4. Tina said,

    WOW Carol, you had a good look didn’t you!! I shall research the can thingy (official terminology here) and thanks for all the other tips…hope the rest of the sisters can keep up with you!!

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