May 4, 2008 at 1:41 pm (CALENDAR)

So far sisters,

Reserve the following dates!

Thursday 15th at 9.30 AM at our fearless leader’s home, (that would be Denise) 11 Gilpin Close, Landsdale for the ALL NEW

“BLOG TILL YOU DROP workshop”. If you have a laptop with a wireless network card in it, bring it! If not, bring something to take good notes with! For the uninitiated, ‘blogging’ is a great way to keep a journal online and also catalogue family memories and photographs, videos and so on. They are all password protected, if you want, and then anyone to whom you give the password, can access your site or portions of your site! Fantastic way to keep memories without paper, or glue! And then Old Aunty Ethel in deep dark Scotland can have a look at the kids performance/award at the school assembly almost immediately!

We will have childcare available if needed and we do need RSVP’s for this one for both childcare and catering purposes!

The following Wednesday night on May 21st the highly successful “COOKING WITH WELFARE INGREDIENTS” makes a return engagment but we have moved the venue to Megan Grinceri’s home, 5 Lairbeck St Darch. (Thanks Megan) AND Megan has promised to share her culinary secrets with us for her bread rolls/cinnamon rolls, etc…all made from stored well as homemade ravioli and Rebecca Coombs is also a guest chef that night with a bean recipe! (Don’t ask what it’s bean, ask ‘what is it now?’) SO bring your appetites and we will put all the recipes on this site. This will kick off at 7pm and ingredient assignments will be organised as required.

Please feel free to comment if you need any clarification and the moderator (Yes, that’s me!) will try and comment back to you with the answer you need.

Another request if you can, please pass this site on to anyone in the ward who you know needs it! So anyone working in Primary or the with the youth. We need them all…and they need us! The more hits, the merrier!



  1. Pam said,

    Hey Tina
    I really want to know how to blog and start my own but i can’t make it to your mini enrichment on Thursday, any chance you might do a second session or maybe a personal tuition??


  2. Tenina said,

    It would be easier on a smaller level, so keep checking with me…after the first one! If it doesn’t traumatise me too much we might go again!

  3. Danielle said,

    Hey Pam

    Come over one night and I can get you going on a blog. I am not as good at Tina…but I can get you started. It’s not too hard.

    Email me

    Dan :o)

  4. Tina said,

    Thanks Danielle,
    Are you coming next Thursday? I could definitely use you!


  5. Danielle said,

    Hey Teen

    I can’t do days….sorry. Not very helpful am I?

    Can sometimes do nights though

    Dan xo

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