March 25, 2009 at 4:17 am (IDEAS)

Well it wasn’t easy, but after tracking down the sisters armed only with cameras and determination, we managed to get almost everyone’s fave thing on record…for those of you who missed out, there’s always next year!! (NOT likely says RS President Denise Dunlop…we will never do that again!)

A great meal from around the world was provided by our very multi cultural ward sisters. If you missed the magic Sis Rajah curry, you will never know how close the meal came to perfection! Certainly the large array of dishes became a favorite thing for a few of us. I know Sister Samuels, (visiting from Sydney) certainly thought the Aussie Pavlova was worth a second and  a third helping!

After a great rewrite of “My Favorite Things” Relief Society Style, we had a suprise visit from Helga Holder, a leather clad grat aunt of Tina Holder, who proceeded to insult everyone whilst looking through all the photographs…but all in good fun! Hilarity was had by all.

Finally Sister Lekias, the Stake Presidents wife, was our final speaker and reminded us all of the great legacy of Relief Society and it’s 167th birthday…celebrated by cupcake magnets as a handout!

If you have a minute, check out these photos of a few of the sisters with their fave things….ENJOY!


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