February 1, 2009 at 12:11 pm (CALENDAR, IDEAS)

Go Julie, Go

Go Julie, Go

Raindrops on Roses and all that stuff…Please prepare yourself for a lovely evening of getting to know the sisters in our ward a little better. Partly in celebration of the Relief Society Birthday and partly because our ward is growing so rapidly, we want to take some time out from a busy schedule to share some food from all over the world (provided by our multi cultural ward sisters) as well as find out what it is that makes you happy….what is your favorite thing???

NO CHEATING, we don’t expect you to tell us about your kids, your spouse, or someone else’s favorite things…think about it. How often do you find yourself indulging in your favorite thing, and what would you class as your favorite thing? We want a photo of you and your favorite thing…either send it to me, or make sure you catch up with one of the Enrichment Team and they will take the photo for you…PAPARAZZI, enrichment style, no one escapes.

The night is on Thursday March 19th at 7.30 pm at the Chapel and we look forward to seeing you all there…as for me? Camera, Lights, Action…hmmmnnn, I think my fave thing is sleeping right now, or maybe a good book and some time to read it, or maybe a lovely slice of lemon tart, which brings me to a great exercise class….no, never that as my favorite. Travelling? Cooking? Writing? Blogging? Enrichment? Going to have to think about this one!


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November 22, 2008 at 2:59 pm (CALENDAR) (, , )

Christmas stars

Silent Night

Yes sisters, it is that time again! This will mark one year for me in this calling and how fast has that gone! PHEW!

Our Christmas Enrichment is entitled

Silent Night

and you are all invited.

Date: Thursday December 4th

Time: 7.30pm

Place: The Baker’s Home

8 Oakdene Place


Bring: You and a friend and a good singing voice

This is a wonderful opportunity for us to join together at this wonderful and significant time of the year to mingle and share the Christmas Spirit. Please come to celebrate the birth of the Savior of the World, through the eyes of the women of His time.

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September 23, 2008 at 9:36 am (CALENDAR) (, , , )

Yes, that’s what we all did after Super Saturday was over…well those of us who didn’t have a birthday party to plan, do, be at, that very night!! A good time was had by all, (as they say in the biz) and thanks to all who participated, helped, shopped, cooked, taught, set up, cleaned up, came, participated and note to self* we all decided that we promise NEVER to plan another one again!

*Self refers to Denise Dunlop, Deb Hamon, Tina Holder and Lisette Kilday!! (AND Lesley Webstane!)

For those of you who were hoping for a better finish on the Presence sign, the official place to purchase was in America (we had technical difficulties as you would know) but they can be contacted directly HERE. There are several other sites on the web that have these vinyl lettering  cutouts available. Amongst others;




I hope you all enjoyed our Super Saturday, and I look forward to hearing from you on progress on any projects you may have decided to take on after our day!

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August 17, 2008 at 9:48 am (CALENDAR) (, , , )

Yes Sisters, here we go again…It’s time to start thinking about Christmas…{shudder}. So in order to help you be super organised and also the best gift givers around, we have planned a craft festival, yea verily, an extravaganza of gift making for all on:


We are offering the following classes;





Gift cards

Darnae Kilday


Stitched Nativity



Recipe book *

Lauren Vadala


Heirloom Beaded Star

Kay Parry Leslie Ellis


Choc-Dipped Pretzels

(with own jar)

Deb Richard


Choc-Dipped Pretzels

(jar provided)

Deb Richard


Christmas tassel

Rebecca Speed



Rebecca Coomb


Magnet board with 1 magnet

Sarah Snow


Sand Art Brownies

Pam Hannan


Christmas Organizer Clipboard

Trish Baker


Christmas ‘Presence’ Board


We have tried to keep costs to a minimum, but as you can appreciate, if you are taking something of value home or giving as a gift, there must be a cost involved.

Please make sure you place your order and money ON TIME…that is; no later than Sunday September 7th to Sister Holder, Sister Websdane or if in Duncraig Ward, Sister Kilday or Sister Speed.

Friends are welcome as usual, but they too must have ordered and paid for any classes on or before the due date in order to participate.

We are also requesting your fave Christmas Treat recipes to be emailed to christmasrecipes@gmail.com for possible inclusion into our “Twelve Treats of Christmas” Recipe book or CD. The winning twelve will be selected by our judges panel whose decision is final and no correspondance will be entered into!!

We hope that you will bring a sample of the recipe of your choice on the day to share for morning and/or afternoon tea. Lunch will be provided.

If you have any further queries please comment on the site or ask the powers that be…(as mentioned above!!)

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August 9, 2008 at 12:25 pm (CALENDAR, IDEAS) (, , )

Well {sigh} I had to come home and as much as I have tried to remember every detail, they are fading memories already. I actually need a week in Bali to get over my holiday, but Hamish just wasn’t amenable to that idea!

Just a quick note to let you know we are back on deck for Enrichment Night and Activities. Preparations are well in hand for ‘SUPER SATURDAY’….an extravaganza of Christmas gift ideas that you can make on the day. Stay tuned for further details and costs.

And don’t forget that next Saturday morning the 16th August at 8.30 AM is the Relief Society Breakfast. Come along and enjoy some breakfast you didn’t cook yourself! Also some guest speakers will be in attendance and plenty of good company. And remember; latecomers will miss out on the maple syrup!

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June 24, 2008 at 8:27 am (CALENDAR) (, )

FYI, an activity for the Single Adults, coming up:

Faith in Our Saviour

“The Lord is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear?…(Ps.27:1)

Warwick Ward Single Adults are inviting

*The Warwick Stake Single Adults to an afternoon fireside, followed by afternoon tea

At Warwick Chapel

On 28 June 2008

At 2.00pm

Special Guest

Elder Peter Meurs of the Area Seventy

If possible, please bring a plate of food to share.

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June 13, 2008 at 9:17 am (CALENDAR, Recipes we've loved!) (, , , , , )

Well…how was that? Pampered enough were we? I think so.
A great big thank you to all our willing specialists,

Roger the Tai Chi Master, Bill the Back Expert, Caitlin, Bath Products Extraordinaire, Hamish, King of the Juice Machine, (and part time Pool Boy) Marie-Ann the Beauty Queen, and Lisa the Mobile Skatt Meister! Also thanks to the Resort Hosts, Bishop and Sister Richard.

They even got rid of the kids!!! (Now that’s pampering!!)
Honorable Mentions to those Muffin Providores…some of which were marginally healthy, and Maxine outdid herself with a batch of Friands (posh muffin, for the uniniated!!)
We had a great turn out, and also all went home with a veritable feast of Pampered Pressies! (Yes…chocolate WAS involved!)
I will post recipes as they come in. (Bath bomb recipe to follow.) My muffin recipe will be on my recipe site soon and I will post a link here…(mine were the Chocolate, cream cheese ones).
Once again, thanks to all those who worked so hard to make this a great success…and stay tuned for the next Enrichment…we’re thinking Midnite Madness, Get Ready for Christmas Early!! YIKES, yes really, I mentioned Christmas because if the second half of the year goes as fast as this first half, we’ll all be decorating a tree before we know it!

1 1/2 cups baking soda
3/4 cup citric acid
2 tspns essential oil
2 tspns natural food colouring
Optional: herbal tea or lavender seeds or such – for added texture

Mix dry ingredients together first, then add in the oil and food colouring.
Put into ice cube containers or muffin tray, squish down to make it really compact.
Leave overnight.

This should make about 20 small bombs

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June 8, 2008 at 1:24 pm (CALENDAR) (, , )

Just a reminder to all Gift Certificate holders. This is the week of our Enrichment Retreat at the Lake Goolellal Spa Retreat.

Address: 97 Goolellal Drive, Kingsley.

Time: 7PM

Fun: Guaranteed.

Bring: Yourselves, a friend and a adventurous attitude!

Food: Definitely.

We look forward to seeing you all there for a night of pampering, and indulgence…with just a touch of healthy thrown in!

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May 27, 2008 at 9:59 am (CALENDAR) (, , , )

JUNE 12th is the date to write in your diary NOW. Don’t miss this One Night Escape of pampering and luxury, only for Spa Members…Gift Certificates available on Sunday 1st and Sunday 8th from Spa Directors Tina and Lesley.

Included in your Gift Certificate pricing is:

  • Luxury Hand Massage
  • Back Care and Fitness
  • Tai Chi for Beginners
  • Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow Workshop
  • Make your own Bath Bomb class
  • Endless chit chat with your Spa Sisters 
  • Healthy Juice and Muffin Bar will be open all night at your leisure!

This Special “Destination Enrichment” Evening will be something to remember for a long time, so get your tickets immediately! Casual dress code and a need for ‘down time’ are required!



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May 22, 2008 at 5:40 am (CALENDAR) (, )

WOW, Megan Grinceri can cook! We had a great night last night as we watched, learned and ate! Beautiful homemade pasta with a quick tomato sauce…all storage except maybe the eggs in the pasta. Then the best rolls you have ever tasted…and ALL storage. Luckily Megan didn’t have real butter or I would have polished off the entire batch myself…but I did dream I made some. Sad I know! The recipes will be posted up as soon as possible and Megan has promised to bring us a taste of the rolls again on Sunday…(don’t tell your husbands)! Thanks Megan and another great night had by all….dreaming of those rolls still!

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