Well sisters, this note is really just for the uninitiated when it comes to blogging! (I would have included myself in this category until recently!) The idea is that as I put up posts (or blog entries) you will read them, comment on them if you wish and as we have seen already, send me stuff that will be useful to all on the site. I plan on keeping you abreast of all that is happening in Enrichment in our ward, but if there is good or bad news on any front that you are happy to share on here, please feel free to do so! For example, Maureen Roberts is off the trip of a lifetime this week (Italy, Holland, UK, etc) and has promised to send me posts about her trip. So lets keep in touch on here…life is hectic and although personal communication is preferable, at least we are linked by technology! As someone wrote in the New Era recently;

As with other areas in our lives, we have to find ways to use the Internet for worthy purposes and avoid what is bad on it. It can be a tool for great good, connecting us to the far reaches of the globe and spreading good and valuable information.

So let’s use it for good and welcome aboard. Hang on now!


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